Top 5 courses and resources to learn Next JS in 2021

Luiz Jr

Luiz Jr / March 19, 2020

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Next JS Landing Page

For all the developers out there who are working with React and are NOT working with Next JS are missing out on the best framework available out there. Even my personal website is built with Next JS.

Next JS is a production ready framework for react to build and ship React applications faster. It is developed by Vercel which also manages hosting of modern day frameworks. You can connect your Next JS Git repository with vercel, it deploys the website on every commit.

Some of the features of Next JS are:

  • Hybrid: SSG and SSR (Static Site Generation, Sever Side Rendering)
  • File System Routing
  • API Support
  • Typescript Support
  • Image Optimization
  • Zero Config
  • NextJS Analytics

As mentioned on the official Next JS website:

“Next.js gives you the best developer experience with all the features you need for production: hybrid static & server rendering, TypeScript support, smart bundling, route pre-fetching, and more. No config needed.”

It is really important for React developers to learn Next JS and implement it in their workflow.

Here is a list of Top 5 Next JS resources to learn Next JS in 2020.

1 - Next JS Firebase course

Fireship course

If you've taken any course from or watched Jeff's Youtube Channel then you know what I'm talking about. This Next JS course is to the point and precise. Jeff follows a fast paced teaching approach, explaining all the concepts in great detail.

Also, you get to build a project from scratch which is a big plus. I'm a huge fan of fireship's real world projects, and here we build a blogging platform (Medium, style) with real world authentication, username generation, image uploads and more.


Fast paced approach.
Real world project.
Complex concepts amazingly explained (SSR, SSG ISR, Routing).

Link to the course: react-next-firebase


Academind - Next JS and React The Complete Guide

Academind course

I've taken Maximilian's courses in the past (Angular and Javascript course) and I love his teaching style. Recently he has come up with a Next JS course which is highly promising. The good thing about this course is that he has included a summary module which can be referenced if you get stuck.


Easy to understand, No prior React experience required.
Real world project included.
Thorough explanation on every key concept.

Link to the course: Next JS & React - The Complete Guide


Codedamn - Next JS Learning Path

Codedamn course

This Next JS course comes with a learning path. Here, You build as you go. You can choose the learning path (Next JS, React basics) and proceed accordingly. The course instructor, Mehul Mohan, explains each concept clearly and concisely. There are also real-world projects included within the portal itself.


Absolutely Free course.
Complex, advanced concepts explained in great detail.
Development to deployment.

Link to the course: Codedamn - Next JS Learning Path


Mastering NextJS

Masteringnextjs course

Mastering NextJS is one of the first course I took on Next JS and I absolutely loved it. It is free and explains pretty much everything related to Next framework. Not only the videos are helpful but the code is extremely organized and follows best practices. Lee, who created the course, is an amazing instructor with an eye for minimal and clean design.


Absolutely Free course.
Best practices for creating React projects
Minimal and clean design.
Deployement to production.

Link to the course: Mastering NextJS


Filip Jerga - Next.js React and Node

Filip course

This course is divided into two parts, namely learning and project. The learning part deals with learning the core concepts of Next framework like SSG, SSR and ISR. The Project deals with creating an actual project (A portfolio application for developers) from scratch. Filip, the instructor of this course, focuses on a project driven approach. Benefits

Project oriented course
Custom CMS for managing data
Integrating Next.js with Node.js

Link to the course: Complete Next.js with React & Node - Beautiful Portfolio App

These were my top picks for learning Next.js in 2021. Do let me know on Twitter or LinkedIn if you found this post useful.

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